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2017 Mazda6: Track Power. Sedan Style.

Incredible technology that keeps you connected to navigational points and contacts back home. Comfort feature like climate control, bottle holders and scalloped seats. What can be said about 2017 Mazda6 that hasn't already been said about space travel? Fortunately for you, this rocket never leaves the road.

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Find you Match in a Midsize Sedan with the Mazda6 in Schofield, WI


A striking Soul Red Metallic #Mazda6 in NYC shot by @anewdawnn.

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Arrive at your every destination in Style when Driving the 2017 Mazda6. If you're a Wisconsin driver in the market for a substantial sedan that offers efficiency and quality performance, find the Mazda6 trim options you've been in search for at the Fred Mueller Mazda dealership in Schofield!

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Don't Ignore Your Car's Check Battery Light

If you've ever noticed that the check battery light on your dashboard was lit up, then you might have been tempted to ignore it, however, ignoring your car's battery could leave you stuck in your driveway. Your car's battery is the jolt of energy that makes your car come alive and it's responsible for everything, such as the heater that keeps you warm on a cold morning drive, or the defrosters on the back of the window. If you ignore the check battery light, then many of the features in your car might not perform as…

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Mazda6, MX-5 RF Earn Honors from Popular Mechanics

Elegant, thoughtful, design gets noticed. It catches the eye because it's different -- in a world of normal, it is abnormal. Deliberate design is a pebble thrown into a calm pond.

The 2017 Mazda6 and Mazda MX-5 Miata RF are getting noticed.

Both have received 2017 Automotive Excellence awards from Popular Mechanics. Each rose above contenders in their respective classes to claim the prize.




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Having your Tires Serviced: What you Should Know

Getting your tires rotated or changed is a regular part of life that comes with owning a vehicle. No matter how high-quality tires you have, eventually they will wear out. To prevent complications that come with bad tires, it is important to get your tires serviced regularly and on schedule.

During oil changes is an ideal opportunity for tire rotations. Ensuring that you keep on schedule when it comes to tire maintenance will save you money in the long term. Uneven tires can cause the tires themselves to wear out much faster than they should...

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My Check Engine Light Is Flashing – Should I Panic?

If your check engine light is flashing, it is a sign that your care needs fixing now. The check engine light may indicate there is an issue with your vehicle that needs attention. There are multiple reasons as to why your check engine light might flash. Some of the reasons include the following:

The ignition coil has failed

There is a failure of the engine’s computer

The vehicle has a faulty fuel injector

Spark plugs are old and misfiring

Spark plug wires need replacing

The vehicle has bad engine valves...

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Brake Time! It Might Be Time for a Check-Up!

You wonder, since you have a new car, why you should check your brakes so often. You don't hear any grinding or squeaking. If you do, however, have your brakes checked right then, and do not delay.

Your vehicle comes with a service maintenance schedule that offers all of the different services that you should have done to your vehicle. These inspections for your vehicle are to keep your car safe, and running smoothly.

Your brakes stop your car and slow your car down when needed. If something goes wrong with the brakes because of neglect, you could easily…

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Buying or Leasing is a Decision to Ponder On

Do you want to upgrade the vehicle that you drive this year? If you do, we have a lot of great options for you. However, you also need to think about the financing plan that would work best for you. We have a lot of selections for you to help you get to the next level. Come on by today at Fred Mueller Mazda to see what we can offer in this area. Not only will we help you figure out how you are going to invest for the future, but you can also find a monthly payment plan that…

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