Soft Brake Pedal Endangers You and Other Drivers

Conscientious drivers pay attention to feelings of firmness in the brake pedal that means they'll be able to stop the vehicle when necessary. As soon as the brake pedal begins to have a soft or spongy feeling, we recommend a service appointment at Fred Mueller Mazda in Schofield, WI to have your brake system inspected.

Several issues could be causing softness in the brake pedal, compromising your ability to make a quick and safe stop. One is air in the brake line or a damaged brake line. Bad disc brake calipers can cause a leakage of brake fluid, leading to brake pedal issues. Bad wheel cylinders and a worn master cylinder also cause a drop in brake hydraulic pressure that you'll feel in the pedal.

So it's likely not your imagination if the brake pedal is beginning to feel less firm when you apply pressure. Schedule a service appointment today for safety's sake.

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