Replacing a Headlight Bulb is a Relatively Quick Repair

As you’re driving through Schofield, WI, do you ever notice cars that only have one headlight working? Unfortunately, it is an often occurrence. When your car’s headlight bulb stops working, it’s important that it be replaced in a timely fashion. That’s because it becomes a safety issue, especially while driving at night. A driver needs two working headlights to have full visibility.


A replacement bulb is a relatively quick repair; however, it does require a trained technician with the necessary tools to complete the replacement. A technician will also inspect the entire headlight housing to identify any cracks or other damage. If the headlight housing develops any type of damage, it will need to be replaced, rather than the headlight bulb.


If you need your headlight bulb replaced, be sure to make an appointment with Fred Mueller Mazda. Use our online service scheduler to make your appointment, or call us!


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