Testing a Weakened Car Battery with a Voltmeter

Testing a car battery only involves using a voltmeter and wearing protective eye-wear and heavy-duty gloves.

In order to get an accurate reading and ensure the safest working conditions, be sure the car lights and the engine are off.

The voltmeter has two color cables, the red is positive, the black is the negative.

The red cable is attached first to the battery terminal in the car marked positive or the plus sign.

The black cable goes next and is attached to the negative or minus side of the car battery.

The voltmeter will give a reading as to the charging power still left in your car battery. 12.4 or better is excellent, anything below 12.2 means the battery could be failing and not have enough power to start your car.

If the reading is too low, bring your car to our service center at Fred Mueller Mazda so we can take care of the issue today!

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