Safety is the Goal in the Mazda6

The Mazda6 has long been a well-respected vehicle in the mid-sized vehicle market. This vehicle has an outstanding reputation for reliability, and the Mazda6 is noted for its interior room and comfortable ride. The safety features found within the Mazda6 help to make it such a desirable vehicle.

The Smart City Brake Support System is one important safety feature found on the Mazda6. This system has sensors that will apply the brakes if another vehicle or pedestrian crosses the vehicle's path. The Mazda6 also features a radar cruise control system. If slower traffic is detected, the Mazda6 will slow down. The vehicle will resume its set speed when the traffic thins out.

These are just a couple of the many features found in the Mazda6. Schedule your test drive of the Mazda6 at Fred Mueller Mazda located in Schofield, WI as soon as it is convenient.



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