Pay Attention to Your Differential

If you are driving a high mileage vehicle, it's not only important that you know what a differential is, but be able to recognize the signs that it needs repair. Repairing your differential and replacing differential fluid are just some of the wide-ranging automotive services we offer at our service centerin Schofield, WI.

Your car's differential is the gearbox that makes it possible for your engine to turn the wheels properly. If you hear the gears grinding, hear a whistling noise or any rumbling or clunking sounds around the axle, don't hesitate to make an appointment with one of our service advisors at 320 Grand Avenue to avoid the expense of major transmission repair.

Most drivers never have need of differential service throughout the years they are driving, but it's good to know the signs of differential failure so that you can get prompt, expert help at our service department.

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