Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

During the winter months, there are many things that people think about when it comes to winterizing their vehicle. Things such as changing their wiper blades to winter blades, filling their antifreeze up with winter blends and ensuring that their windshield wiper fluid is full are some of the things people do to winterize their car each year.

One thing that some people do not think about however is keeping their vehicles fuel tank topped off during winter months. One of the biggest benefits to keeping your fuel tank full during the winter is preventing your fuel lines from freezing. A tank that is half empty or close to empty risks causing condensation build up which could freeze the fuel lines leaving you stuck wherever you are.

Here at Fred Mueller Mazda, we like to share information with you to help you stay prepared and safe in your vehicle all year long. Please share this information with others so that they to can be better prepared this winter.

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