An Overview of Apple CarPlay From Your Auto Experts at Fred Mueller Mazda

With all the advancements in the automotive industry, drivers can take advantage of a broad range of technology features, such as innovative systems that offer enhanced capability without sacrificing safety when you are behind the wheel. Among these systems include Apple CarPlay, which offers many perks to iPhone users.

Apple CarPlay allows you to access music from your iPhone. You can listen to music and playlists from iTunes or your Apple Music subscription, or you can connect to a number of third-party music apps, such as Pandora.

Navigating to your destination has never been so easy with use of Apple CarPlay. Apple Maps gives you precise directions, and it can even predict where you are going based on contacts, emails, calendars, and text messages on your iPhone. By activating the Siri voice control on your steering wheel, you can simply ask for directions to gas stations, restaurants, shops, and more.



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